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¡Diversión en Familia! (Family Fun)

32 pages
F-I-F-E Publishing

Families dance. Families read. Families run outside. Families play hide-n-seek. There are so many ways families play. How does your family have fun?

Author Bio
Nicole Gee advocates for and promotes representation and equity in publishing for and by children. She currently participates in a professional equity council and was a member of a social and emotional learning committee. Having received her Master of Arts in Children's Literature from Simmons University, she regularly champions children's and young adult titles by authors of color. In 2022, she has been serving as a writing mentor for Girls Write Now. Girls Write Now is a New York City-based organization in which writing professionals mentor culturally diverse high school and college girls and gender-expansive teens to gain confidence in their abilities and talents as writers. Nicole also taught creative writing to 5th-graders, guiding them to experience the joy of crafting and sharing their voices through stories, comic books, and poems. She is based out of Boston.