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Jel Jel the Melting Jellyfish

EK Jasmine

28 pages
CLM Publishing

The beauty of the ocean is quite fascinating. However, it can also be, to some degree, perilous, as one jellyfish will discover.

The story is about Jel Jel, a jellyfish that frolicked too close to the shoreline and ended up marooned, in a real-life fish out of water situation, on a scorching day, on dry land. Seem everything was going against him that day; loose sands, low tide, and a very burning sun. But, those were just some of his plights.

However, this very resilient jellyfish refused to be done in by the millions of sands that stuck to his gooey exterior, or by the receding sea that seems to be rushing on without him, causing havoc to his sunny personality. Flicking to and fro, Jel Jel pressed onward, trying to make his way back home, safely.

Author Bio

EK Jasmine is the pseudonym for Karen E Chin, the creator and managing editor of the Christian Lifestyle Magazine, a family-based publication in the Cayman Islands.

She is also the CEO of CLM Publishing and moonlights as a radio presenter, for the over 16 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

She is married and lives in the Cayman Islands with her husband Victor, and is the mother of two children, Mikhail and Krystyna.

Paula Mauter is an illustrator.