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A Matter of Importance

Gordon Zuckerman

321 pages
DSI Publications
By 2013, the American economy is sliding under the rising tide of over spending and increasing indebtedness. Five years following the 2008 bursting of the great consumer bubble, the country is dangerously over-leverage and under-employed. Unable to balance spending with earned income, the United States is becoming aware of the what the true costs associated with the off-shoring of so many of its higher paying manufacturing jobs, might have been. Concluding the restoration of the economy is dependent on re-establishment of the relative competitiveness of manufacturing in America, Sentinels designate that restoration of manufacturing employment has to become the critical test by which historical and proposed programs are evaluated. Understanding the relative costs of production are determine by the total of seven separate categories of expenses, of which direct labor costs only represents one segment, the Sentinels set about to determine what needs to be changed. Well entrenched programs favoring foreign oil production, domestic power generation, the American labor movement, inadequate job training, corporate taxation, and increasing costs associated with growing regulations, need to be questioned. The Sentinels' “Employ America” requires them to divide the challenges into separate segments, with each one assume responsibility for its successful resolution. The story told through the evolving lives of the principal players on both sides of the ensuing conflict, unfolds over four continents. Follow the events in the lives of the next generation, as they pursue their objectives. Romance, disappointment, peril, trust, betrayal, hidden, prospects for success are never very far away.
Author Bio
From June 1963, following the author’s graduation from the Harvard Business School, until April 2005, when he sold his Resort Hotel company, Mr. Zuckerman enjoyed the privilege of working for forty-two years as a entrepreneurial problem solver during what many people regard as the Golden Age of American Commerce. Through-out his career he would witness, hear, or become aware of major events that had a significant influence over people’s lives, some positive and some not so beneficial. Provided with the free time of retirement, Mr. Zuckerman has concentrated his attention on researching different contemporary events of interest. Concluded, while the history of free enterprise is clearly dominated by the many stories of high-minded success , there have instances where the privileges of free-enterprise have been abused in the the pursuit of self-serving agendas, often accomplished at the expense of others., Becoming more familiar with the story behind the story, Zuckerman believes the democratic free enterprise system represents the goose that lays the ‘golden eggs’ and needs to be protected from those who would abuse the privilege. He has used his writing easel to illustrate what can happen when a small fictional group, “The Six Sentinels” decide to help make-happen the constructive efforts and oppose those of questionable intentions. To create the plot for each of his books, the author has chosen to connect the dots of history. Any book describing the support or opposition to self-serving agendas must necessarily be a story about people. The stories are told through the evolving lives of fictional, high-minded, high-energy, creative problem solvers. The intrigue in their lives has been added to generate added interest for the reader. This genre allows the reader to ride ‘side-saddle’ with each of the principal players, to know of their thoughts, feelings, and reactions.