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Emet's Box

A Colorful Story About Following Your Heart

36 pages
The Little Press
Winner of the Northern Lights Book Award, Picture Book Category (Ages 4-8)

Emet loves to paint. But grown-ups think he should spend his time doing more important things. When Emet stops doing what he loves, color disappears from his world. What does Emet discover within himself in order to bring color back into his life?

Emet's Box promotes creativity, individuality, and following your heart. Jeni Chen's vibrant illustrations are a pure celebration. Emet's Box is the perfect story for any creative classroom or for any child who loves to draw, paint, play an instrument or, quite simply - create.
Author Bio
When Jeni Chen was a little girl living in Taiwan, she wanted to be Madonna when she grew up, even though she couldn't carry a tune. While living in Taiwan, Jeni watched Hollywood movies and dreamed of moving to America. When she was fourteen, her family immigrated to Canada, where she lives today. In high school, Jeni fell in love with the magic of science and ended up working in laboratories as a research assistant. It wasn't until Jeni became a mom that she became inspired to draw comics. Jeni returned to school and obtained a fine art certificate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Finding her creative voice has led her to create public art installments and illustrate for children. Jeni wrote a story about how she feels when doing what she loves-art! That story is Emet's Box. Jeni would love to hear from you about what brings you joy. You can find Jeni at www.JeniChen.com.