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The Gorilla Picked Me!

32 pages
The Little Press
Multi-award-winning author, Michele McAvoy, brings you THE GORILLA PICKED ME!, a story filled with fun, surprises and a mystery that all children enjoy!

Have you ever felt ordinary? The Gorilla Picked Me! is about little Olive who felt ordinary, always picked last for teams at recess and never a valentine placed on her desk. Until one day at a dance with her daddy she is picked from the crowd by the dancing gorilla. It is at that moment that Olive realizes -she is not ordinary! This fun and sentimental story shows how one small single act of love can have a big impact. There is a mystery in the story. Children love finding clues as to who is in the gorilla suit?Enjoy picking out the clues in this unique, rhyming picture book.
Author Bio
Michele McAvoy (author): Michele McAvoy, is a mutl-award winning author, attorney, editor, and educator from New Jersey. Her titles include, COOKIE & MILK, THE GORILLA PICKED ME! and BUCKINGHAM GETS A NEW SHELL. She is a contributor to the Children's Writer's Guild and a member of the Author's Guild. Michele is the creator and host of the popular children's literature podcast "My Messy Muse," which she began to inspire other creatives to create through the messiness of life. Find out more about Michele at www.michelemcavoy.com or follow her on Twitter @michele_mcavoy or Instagram @michelemcavoy.

Valentina Carboni (illustrator): Valentina Carboni is a creative living in Rome, Italy. She has a degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design and has studied under master artists in the art of illustration, attending the Roman School of Comics and the International School of Illustration, to name a few. Valentina loves children's literature and entertainment through content that transmits values. THE GORILLA PICKED ME! is Valentina's debut American picture book.