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Doctor Moody

Me, You, Him, Her, We, Flavor the Moment. What Mood Are You In?

Gordon Solomon

64 pages
CLM Publishing
The Doctor Moody series is organised in five sections representing five human senses depicted via a variety of animals that are experiencing our "moods." The author used Haiku short poetry for their description to aid you with your connections of recall. The rhetorical question here is "have you ever been in a ________ mood?" Fill in with any of these words; overwhelming, destructive, admiring, mischievous, indulgent, revengeful, defensive, intimidated, covert, intrusive, cooperative, distracted, suspicious, ignorable, friendly, pre-cautious, egotistic, alluring, melancholic, flavourful. The series began in March 2014 after a discussion with a close family member; this conversation had such a profound effect on the author that it led him to question what we all have in common as human beings. The experience was so overwhelming that he had to come up with this illustrative exploration of moods.
Author Bio
Artist and musician Gordon Solomon was born in Grand Cayman in the late 70s. Although he initially received some formal fine art training, he prefers to bring an intuitive approach to his work and has developed a distinctive style. His artwork in primarily concerned with capturing the serenity of his island home and imparting Caymanian heritage and culture with nostalgia and the idea of an 'authentic place'.The paintings he creates typically jolt and intrigue and are always an invitation to journey beyond the scene. Gordon Solomon has been honoured with the Cayman National Cultural Foundation's Artistic Endeavour Award (2002), and the Silver Star Medal for Creativity in the Arts (2009). He was the second runner up in the Ogier Art Award in (2012) and has received a certificate of appreciation from the American Visionary art Museum (2013). Gordon has exhibited widely in the Cayman Islands, New York, and Fort Lauderdale, and his work can be found in public and private collections locally and abroad.