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It’s a Sunny Life

An Adventure Fit for Rain or Shine

Gary Lezak Rob Peters

48 pages
Ascend Books
When the skies darken and the thunder rumbles, if you're like most of us, you're probably quick to grab the TV remote and check the weather. You want to know how bad the coming storm is going to be. The book tells the story of Sunny, a pup newly-adopted by Gary and his longtime puppy companions Windy, Breezy, and Stormy. Change can be difficult for anyone, and while Sunny is excited to be a part of a new family-and they're excited to have her-they still need to get to know one another. So Gary decides to take everyone on an adventure to Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains. What follows is a story as educational as it is fun, teaching children not just about the weather, but also how to appreciate their own "Sunny" lives! Included with this wonderful tale is a special section, "Sunny's Weather Academy," which provides fun answers to all sorts of weather-related questions. What are the different types of clouds? Why does the weather change so quickly sometimes? And, of special interest to parents, in the event of severe weather, what should you and your family do to stay safe?
Author Bio
Gary Lezak has two big passions in life-the weather and his dogs. He loves to educate and interact with children in schools throughout America's Heartland. And, of course, he loves his dogs. They were both key inspirations for this story.A six-time Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, at KSHB-TV (NBC 41 Action News) in Kansas City, he has been bringing the City of Fountains its most accurate weather forecasts for more than two decades. Gary also writes daily for the popular weather blog Weather 2020.com. His expertise continues to be a key component in making "1Weather" one of the most accurate and downloaded weather apps available in the mobile marketplace.Rob Peters is a freelance illustrator living in Topeka, Kansas. He has a degree in Visual Communications from Judson College in Elgin, Illinois. He has illustrated more than a dozen picture books, including Kansas Jayhawks ABCs and 1-2-3s, and its football counterpart, Kansas City Chiefs ABCs and 1-2-3s.