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The Covenant Maker

Know God and His Promises for Salvation and Marriage

Marsha J. Harvell

106 pages
Xaris Publications

Marsha Harvell takes nine common elements of covenants and explains the use of them in the Old Testament Covenants, New Testament Covenants and the covenant of Marriage. Learn how God views His promises. See why covenants are important in understanding salvations. See the covenant elements in modern marriage ceremonies. Learn why God wants couples to remain pure until marriage. Learn about forgiveness for mistakes in the past.

Author Bio

Marsha Harvell is an international author, teacher, and conference speaker. Leading over 100 studies and/or conferences in 9 countries. As president of the largest US Air Force Womens ministry she was selected out of 4,000 spouses to meet the President of the United States. She has been married for 30 years and has two children and 3 grandchildren.