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If You Plant Seeds of Happiness, Flowers of Happiness Will Bloom

How Small Things Affect Your Tomorrows!

Kazushi Okamoto Paul McCarthy

224 pages
Ichimannendo Publishing Inc
We say that we want to be happy. If that�s what we really want, we should start planting seeds of happiness. The kind of flower you get depends on the seed you have planted: this is a law of nature. In the same way, if you plant the seeds of happiness, the flowers of happiness will bloom. Seeds of happiness, seeds of unhappiness� which are you mostly planting? In addition to my work of giving seminars throughout the country as a lecturer on Buddhism, I continue to give advice through my email newsletter and my blog. Buddhism teaches us the law of cause and effect that enables us to become �a happier me.� All I am doing is applying that clear law to the troubles that various people have, explaining things in a way that will be easy for them to understand. So, how can we make sure the flowers of happiness bloom for us? I�d like to help by discussing the troubles of people whom I�ve encountered over these past few years. Kazushi Okamoto October, 2013
Author Bio
KAZUSHI OKAMOTO was born 1976. He entered the University of Tokyo in 1994 and majored in mathematics. As he searched to find meaning in life during his university days, he came to the conclusion that Truth was to be found not in the world of mathematics but in Buddhism. He has given over 120 lectures and seminars per year all over Japan for those with no background in Buddhism. His email newsletter has over 5,000 subscribers and he has received countless emails expressing people�s joy and gratitude for his advice. In March 2012 the original Japanese version of this text was published by Ichimannendo Publishing Co. Ltd. and 170,000 copies have been sold in Japan to date.