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Silver Bullet High Yield MCAT Audio MP3 on CD

Science Review

Dr. Brett Ferdinand, MD

Ruveneco Inc
The Silver Bullet High Yield MCAT Audio MP3 on CD is designed to increase study efficiency. This four-hour MP3 was not prepared to be used as a source to take notes from, since everything is already contained in The Gold Standard. It is a source of review for major points and is best used for repetition (i.e., in an iPod, MP3 player, or car stereo on the way to school, etc.). Many students have had the experience of hearing a song first thing in the morning and then having a difficult time forgetting it during the day. Now you can get ahead in your MCAT preparation by letting PV=nRT be the song that wakes you every morning. Note: Please verify that your CD player is capable of playing an MP3 CD.
Author Bio
Dr. Brett Ferdinand was awarded numerous scholarships en route to graduating with honors in a B.Sc. program. Years ago, confident that he would one day be a doctor, he fulfilled his passion for teaching by creating The Medical School Preparatory Course (MSPC), which has become a perennial lecture series through MCAT-prep.com. The course was the first to teach both the MCAT and the details of the admissions process. After excelling at the MCAT, he was accepted by all the medical schools to which he applied. During medical school he continued to teach and then completed The Gold Standard textbook. The book received distribution throughout North America and instantly became one of the best-selling study guides. Today, he is a surgeon and is well known for making difficult concepts easy to understand. Over the years, he has lectured to thousands of premedical students and reached thousands more through his books and now through online interactive programs.