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Gold Standard Deck of Flashcards for the New MCAT CBT (Science Review)

Dr. Brett Ferdinand, MD

Ruveneco Inc
Are you tired of memorizing hundreds of facts that will never be tested on the real MCAT? There are many companies that are happy to have you memorize names of dead scientists or the structures of all twenty alpha amino acids and much more. The Gold Standard has a different approach. George Bernard Shaw once apologized to a friend for having written a long letter; he said he did not have enough time to write a short letter! The Gold Standard has taken the time to condense an enormous amount of material into fifty-four high-quality poker-sized cards containing over two hundred of the most frequently tested concepts from the new MCAT CBT. In fact, The Gold Standard's Complete MCAT Course (Platinum Program) is a short letter to you, the premed student, containing the information you need to know to become a medical student. If you don't have time to waste, remember our name. Good luck and let's get started.
Author Bio
Dr. Brett Ferdinand was awarded numerous scholarships en route to graduating with honors in a B.Sc. program. Years ago, confident that he would one day be a doctor, he fulfilled his passion for teaching by creating The Medical School Preparatory Course (MSPC), which has become a perennial lecture series through MCAT-prep.com. The course was the first to teach both the MCAT and the details of the admissions process. After excelling at the MCAT, he was accepted by all the medical schools to which he applied. During medical school he continued to teach and then completed The Gold Standard textbook. The book received distribution throughout North America and instantly became one of the best-selling study guides. Today, he is a surgeon and is well known for making difficult concepts easy to understand. Over the years, he has lectured to thousands of premedical students and reached thousands more through his books and now through online interactive programs.