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The WORK Book

How to Build Your Personal Brand to Get Hired

Bill Hobbs

144 pages
La Plata Press
The WORK Book is unlike any other book on the market. It shows readers how to plan for and choose the right career and teaches readers how to create a strong personal brand. Hobbs offers keen insight on creating an effective representational résumé, preparing for interviews, and negotiating with companies. The book facilitates immediate process application through worksheets that accompany the text, and it can be read in less than two hours and applied immediately. The WORK Book is a great supplement for students working with Career Services personnel and faculty advisers. Whether it is your first time or your fifteenth time working to build a successful new career, pick up The WORK Book and start building your personal brand today.
Author Bio
Bill has won the top performance awards as an account executive and as a manager in two Fortune 500 companies. He is a co-inventor with an active patent and the founder of two companies. As a consultant and advisor, Bill enjoys working with tech companies as they shape visions to build successful businesses. Bill’s unique blend of Fortune 500 and startup experience provides new approaches to help founders refine ideas and develop innovative models for sustained growth. From interviewing new employees to his experience as a P&L manager and a coach, Bill has unique insight into the challenges that business professionals face every day.Drawing from his business knowledge, Bill wrote The WORK Book which encourages students to work early and often with teachers, career counselors, faculty advisors, and professors to build their personal brands. The WORK Book has now become required reading at several top universities around the country. Bill also enjoys working within the arts and volunteering.