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Vitale's Fabulous 50 Players & Moments in College Basketball

Dick Vitale

224 pages
Ascend Books
For more than 30 years, Dick Vitale has been synonymous with the best in college basketball. His enthusiasm, knowledge, unique turn of a phrase and passion have set the bar for the best in hoops coverage. Dick Vitale has seen it all. For the college basketball fan, these are some of the touchstones of the sport. For years, fans have discussed the memorable players and magical moments. And, fan that he is, Dick Vitale also likes to talk about the game he loves. But, he is not your average fan. And there are experiences that are personally meaningful to him that he wants to share. From his wealth of experience sitting courtside at many pivotal moments in college basketball over the past three decades, Vitale gives us his reasons why he has chosen his top 50 players and moments-out of the many he has witnessed during his years of broadcasting at ESPN. Although he includes biographical and statistical data for each player and moment, as well as dynamic photographs. Vitale makes it clear that these are his personal choices. This is from his heart, naming the top 50 players and moments in the wonderful world of college hoops. It’s Awesome, Baby!
Author Bio
DICK VITALE has been ESPN’s voice of Men’s College Basketball for more than 30 years. Eleven Halls of Fame and countless heartfelt recognitions later have seen the passionate vitality that he brings to sports broadcasting make an equal impact on raising millions of dollars for Pediatric Cancer research through the V-Foundation. He is as much a household name for his humanitarian deeds as he is for the game he loves. Dick’s been working for many years sharing the motivational life tips he believes in and succeeds by with everyone from major firms to small youth groups. Nobody is better suited to enthusiastically teach about winning in life than Dickie V. Dick is the author of nine books including “Dick Vitale’s Fabulous 50 Moments and Players” and “Dickie V’s ABC’s and 1-2-3’s.” Dick lives with his wife, Lorraine, in Florida. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.