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180 pages
Harvard Square Editions
As it moves from Chicago in the late 80’s to Los Angeles on the cusp of a new millennium, Patchwork encompasses a mercurial decade in the lives of its characters. This debut novel – told with candor, insight, and a humor both gentle and scathing – sets the story of gay lovers in transition, and a family in the midst of personal upheaval, as they struggle to redefine themselves in the shadow of AIDS.
Author Bio
“Dan Loughry is a maestro of memory and observation. In Patchwork, he achieves the impressive feat of telling a story that feels archetypal in its outlines – as it follows its protagonist through three eventful decades, from the beginning of the age of AIDS to the era of bemused long-term survivors – but ultimately wins us over through its masterful recording and layering of the specific human details and discoveries that make up a particular journey, and a particular life.” — Dave Awl, editor of 200 NEO-FUTURIST PLAYS