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What I Wish I Knew at 18 Student Guide: Christian Edition

Life Lessons for the Road Ahead

Dennis Trittin Arlyn Lawrence

173 pages
LifeSmart Publishing, LLC
The What I Wish I Knew at 18 Student Guide: Christian Edition is the curricular workbook companion to the book of the same title. Together, they represent an innovative, interactive leadership and life skills training program for Christian-based audiences such as schools, universities, churches, service organizations, and parents. Through a combination of reflective self-assessments and dynamic group activities, students will learn necessary leadership and practical skills to succeed in life. The book is an engaging, comprehensive, and conversational life coach written to help young people reach their full potential. Through lively illustrations, simple instruction, and practical, reflective questions, the book reveals key, before-the-fact secrets to a thriving adulthood. It provides quintessential guidance to those who influence young people on their journey by addressing both character subjects (e.g., life purpose, spiritual life, values, relationships, communication, and handling adversity) as well as life applications (e.g., college academics, career, dating/marriage, and finances).
Author Bio
Dennis Trittin is a successful investment manager, author, and educator dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential. He holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, an MBA from the University of Washington, and is a CFA. Now retired from his twenty-eight-year career at Russell Investments, he devotes his time to supporting Christian education and promoting life management skills and financial literacy.
Arlyn Lawrence is an author, editor, curriculum developer, and seminar leader. She received her liberal arts degree from the University of Maryland and has served in numerous community organizations, including fifteen years as a director of Christian education and special programs for teens and children. She is a frequent writer on the topics of prayer and personal development for young people.