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Trust Your Next Shot

A Guide to a Life of Joy

Lee Stuart

264 pages
Ascend Books
Meadowlark Lemon illustrates the determination it took to overcome poverty, racial prejudice, and many other roadblocks that would have sidelined most any other person. Meadowlark, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003, delivers loving reminiscences of his youth, hilarious stories about his days with the Globetrotters, and wise instructions for living a JOY-filled life. Beginning with his upbringing in Wilmington, North Carolina to his vibrant message of JOY today, Meadowlark tells us to "trust our next shot. He uses the word "SHOT" to give us a guide for life. Spirit, Health, Opportunity, and Teamwork combine to fuel our passions, satisfy our heart's desires, create opportunities for doing good, and help others realize their dreams.