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The Wisdom of Generations

Using the Lessons of History to Create a Values-Based Future

Tieman H. Dippel, Jr.

504 pages
Texas Peacemaker Publications
The Wisdom of Generations, the sixth book in The Language of Conscience Evolution, exposes a method of thinking that already has the world's greatest influencers, policy makers, and leaders applauding because the book touches the very heart of cultural existence at every level- at home, in the community, in the country and across the globe. The book focuses on many of the issues our world, and each one of us as an individual, face today. It reveals how economics and politics often serve self-interests, however culture includes values-based decision-making. These ideas present what world-renown author calls, "Enlightened Conservatism"-an appreciation for the free-market system guarded by values-based self-regulation. Through thought-provoking dialogue, The Wisdom of Generations analyses some uniquely specific cleavage points and decisions, which ultimately changed history, and it challenges the reader to recognize similar points of current opportunity.
Author Bio
Recognized globally as the premier thought-leader on Enlightened Conservatism, and The Language of Conscience, Tieman H. (Skipper) Dippel, Jr. is one of the most sought after consultant minds by world leaders and policy makers. He is also one the most recognized voices, leading the forefront of family values and ethics throughout government agencies and corporations. His message of the power of morality and the impact of personal dignity can transform individuals, communities, companies, and nations. For more information go to: www.thewisdomofgenerations.com