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Other Side of Hell

From Snow and Ice to Paradise

Bob Adamov

Packard Island Publishing
In 1944 a mysterious German raider from Hitler's pirate fleet disappears in the Caribbean. Years later, a Soviet frigate sinks off Grand Cayman Island. A tragedy on the dangerous wintry ice of Lake Erie causes Washington Post investigative reporter Emerson Moore to escape to the Cayman Islands. There, he is drawn into the intrigue surrounding nefarious Jamaican drug lord, Pryce Clarke, and his surreptitious underwater activities in Boatswain's Bay off of DiveTech. At the same time, Moore stumbles across information regarding the missing German raider and uncovers a deadly Soviet Union plan for the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The provocative cast of characters include Moore's Ex-Navy SEAL buddy Sam Duncan, legendary Put-in-Bay singer Mike Mad Dog Adams, an attractive and reticent Jamaican woman, a furtive Royal Cayman Police Superintendent and the rapscallions at Durty Reid's Bar and Grille in Red Bay. From the wintry ice of the Lake Erie Islands to the warm breezes of the Cayman Islands, The Other Side of Hell delivers a pirate's treasure of murder, mayhem and suspenseful underwater scuba action with eels, barracuda and jellyfish. Each copy of the book includes a companion 11-song CD entitled The Other Side of Hell, written and sung by popular island singer Mike Mad Dog Adams.
Author Bio
Bob Adamov was the featured author during the 2006 Ernest Hemingway Days in Key West. His first book, Rainbow's End, (9781929774166) was a finalist as the top fiction novel for the 2003 Great Lakes Book Award competition, won by Pulitzer Prize-winner Middlesex. The Other Side of Hell continues the popular Emerson Moore series and Adamov's string of Lake Erie island best sellers - Rainbow's End, Pierce the Veil, (9781929774333) When Rainbows Walk (9781929774357) and Promised Land (9780978618407). Adamov's writing style has been compared to that of noted author Clive Cussler by Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer's team, who also commented that Emerson Moore was a potential franchise hero like Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. All of his novels were rated 5 Stars by the Midwest Book Review.