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Insure Your Investments Against Losses

Strategies for Investors Who Can't Stomach Losing Their Hard-Earned Cash

Robert Goldin

208 pages
Ecw Press
In Insure Your Investments Against Losses, “forensic gumshoe” Robert Goldin, who has been featured in Maclean’s, National Post, Vancouver Sun, and many other publications and TV shows, lets investors in on a secret their financial advisers are not telling them: that they can insure their investments so that their capital never falls below what they put into the market. Instead of going on that queasy roller coaster ride called investing in the stock market, investors can: safely invest in individual securities, exchange traded funds, and index funds and then use existing investment strategies such as options and strip bonds to insure their individual investments, or their entire investment portfolio, against losses; break out the champagne when their investments make a profit; and, sleep easy when they don’t, knowing that at worst they will not lose one cent of their hard-earned cash. Insure Your Investments Against Losses is not just another investment book on asset allocation and retirement planning. It will revolutionize your investment practices. And it will send a strong message to the investment advisors benefiting from these practices themselves but not passing them on to the public.
Author Bio
Robert Goldin, the author of the bestselling Investor Beware, has made numerous appearances on national TV, including: CBC’s NewsWorld programs The Money Show, Morning Market, Business News, and Money Weekly; CTV’s Canada AM; City Pulse 24; Report on Business TV; TVO’s Studio 2; and Global TV's Prime Business. The president of MacGold Direct Inc. of Thornhill, Ontario, he is a forensic financial auditor and an investment dispute consultant. He trained as a lawyer in his native South Africa and specializes in the financial, investment, and insurance sectors.