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The Vowels of Perfect Power

5+1 Ways to Liberate Your Creative Energy

Bob McCulloch Julia Gluck

192 pages
Ecw Press
If you’re like most people on the planet, the natural, creative energy you were born with has become trapped within as you constantly strive to meet family, social, and work expectations. Now, in this groundbreaking book, Bob McCulloch and Julia Gluck, veteran coaches and motivators, show you how to liberate your natural energy. Using many real-life stories, they walk you through these proven, powerful practices: A – awareness: staying mindfully aware of self and others, capturing and cherishing your lightness, and being thoughtfully authentic; E – engagement: getting and staying personally engaged, staying resolved without attachment, and accepting and supporting your mutuality with others; O – openness: accepting every idea’s inevitable relevance, allowing and fully appreciating fresh associations, and perceiving the positives in every idea that comes your way;and, U – understanding: acknowledging and suspending judgment, confirming your understanding, and embracing the power of the both/and. And they show how all of these practices are orchestrated by, I – integrity, as your Thoughtful I helps you intervene between your emotions and responses.
Author Bio
Bob McCulloch, FCMC, helps senior managers and executives strengthen their creativity and strategic thinking. Over the past 30 years, he has worked with executive teams in virtually every industry sector. Prior to launching his own firm, CYOR Inc., he held strategic positions with IBM Canada, the DMR Group, and Johnston Smith International. He lives in Toronto. Julia Gluck, FCMC, assists clients in implementing change through the use of continuous workplace learning. She has developed her expertise with firms such as DMR Consulting, Johnston Smith International, and Deltak Inc., and now focuses on teaching. She lives in Toronto.