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Book I Of The Merlin Factor

Steven Maines

Purple Haze Press LLC
Lonignus: Book I Of The Merlin Factor tells the story of Gaius Cassius Longinus, the battle-hardened centurion of Rome who is assigned to guard the crucified Jesus. But while guarding Jesus, Longinus stabs him in the ribs with his spear, ensuring Jesus' death. It is a simple act, but one that changes his life forever. After that fateful day Longinus flees Rome, narrowly escaping from the Roman priests who want to take the spear and its supposed power for themselves. Longinus follows the centurion's life from his love for the prostitute, Irena, to his mystical studies with the Druids of Gaul. But it also reveals Longinus profound spiritual awakening through his Druidic studies and the spear that speaks to him with the voice of Jesus.
Author Bio
Steven Maines has a degree in philosophy. He has written numerous short stories and several screenplays, and has worked in the film and television industry. Longinus is his first novel.