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You Are What You Love Playbook

It's Time to Wake Up!

122 pages
Purple Haze Press LLC

Readers should look no further than the You Are What You Love Playbook to start learning higher wisdom with fun, light hearted practices instead of dry memorization and restrictive limitations. How does all of human kind begin the process of learning anything? By way of play, of course. In our quest for adulthood, we have forgotten the value of play in our everyday lives. We have exchanged the park on the corner for the corner office. We have settled for standing in line at Starbucks, in place of lying in the grass on a warm summer night. You Are What You Love Playbook is about taking all that back and more. This playtime manual offers practical play practices with blank pages to invoke play into action. The playbook includes a 13-month course in how to practice playful miracles.

Author Bio
Vaishali is part Stand-up Comic, part Spiritual Teacher, and full time "Soul Stripper." She attended San Francisco State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees from both the Religion and Philosophy Department and the Radio and Television Department. Vaishali has spent her adult life seeking esoteric wisdom and studying diverse spiritual and religious expressions of God consciousness. Since the early 90's she has conducted spiritual workshops and Self Emergence consultation.