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You Are What You Love


395 pages
Purple Haze Press LLC
You Are What You Love makes Eastern mysticism friendly to the Western mind. Author Vaishali, an intellectual, yet highly irreverent mystic, magically mixes concepts and story-telling from such traditional sources as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sufism, with the ancient mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg. She also mixes in unconventional sources, such as Groucho Marx, Cheech and Chong, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean, and Homer Simpson. You Are What You Love empowers readers to befriend their minds and resolve their issues, instead of defending and justifying the limitations in their lives. Demonstrating how to transform limiting beliefs, this book delivers the secret to finding happiness and one's purpose-especially for those who have hit a pothole on the road to enlightenment. One of the most powerful points of the book is that "we do not have love, we are love. We don't earn it; we don't have to justify it; we don't have to wait until others decide we are good enough; we claim it because we are it."
Author Bio
Vaishali is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Personal Growth and Life Management, Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is an international health & wellness speaker and practitioner, who has appeared on The Dr. Oz Radio Show and Oprah.com. Vaishali is a columnist for The Huffington Post and contributor to Beliefnet and has been published in many magazines worldwide. Vaishali hosts her own radio show, "You Are What You Love" heard weekly on Friday and Sunday.