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Prince Edward Island Book of Everything

Martha Walls

192 pages
Macintyre Purcell
From the number of kilometers of coastline, to the stories behind those unusual place names (hello Mermaid) and the saga of the "Fixed Link," to profiles of Lucy Maud and Prince Edward himself, no book is more comprehensive than the Prince Edward Island Book of Everything. No book is more fun. Well-known Islanders weigh in on their favourite things about their home province ? Senator Catherine Callbeck shares the top 5 most important events in Island politics, chef Andrew Morrison on his favourite Island dishes and Anne Compton's five favourite Island words. Stories of the First People, the worst weather, the almighty potato, the truth behind that red dirt, Island slang, the most infamous crimes . . . it's all here! Whether you're a native Islander, a "come from away," or visiting for the first time, there simply is no more comprehensive book about Canada's island province. If you love Prince Edward Island, you'll love the Prince Edward Island Book of Everything! Don't forget to read the Book of Musts!
Author Bio
Martha Walls is a history professor based at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.