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Egypt to Canaan

John Ritchie

120 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
From Egypt to Canaan examines the fascinating record of the journey of the children of Israel across hundreds of miles of barren desert to reach at last their promised land. This book shows that their journey is our journey too; our Christian lives leading onward from the time of our salvation, "redeemed by the precious blood of Christ", to fulfillment of God's purposes for us in Christ, with many trials and problems on the way. These things "written aforetime were written for our learning", and it is profitable to read about them to learn again of the power and grace of God, the love and sacrifice of our Saviour, and te never-failing resources available for us as we travel through the wilderness of this world.
Author Bio
John Ritchie started the publishing company named after himself many years ago and printed many helpful Christian books during his lifetime.