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Sparkling Together

Starbright and His Earthling Friends

Jyoti Ma Chandra Devi

92 pages
Integral Yoga Publications
Sparkling Together contains eight stories that depict the adventures of Starbright, from Planet Om, and Sky Heart and his sister Rose of Planet Earth. Each story encompasses a real life challenge common to childhood experience, including: self-esteem, negative feelings, environmental awareness, a new home, new friends, an unemployed parent, a new sibling, illness, death of a pet, and death of a grandparent.
Author Bio
Jyoti Ma began Sparkling Together as a means to nourish the self-esteem of the children she taught in San Francisco. The project evolved in Yogaville, Virginia, where Jyoti Ma took up esidence.

Artist and Yoga educator, Chandra Devi brings these stories to life with her highly imaginative and lyrical illustrations.