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Sermons from the Mount

Torah Teachings for Today

Solomon Ostrovsky

205 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
The fifty-one chapters of this book were originally messages broadcast in the Hebrew language by Radio Monte Carlo, beamed to Israel weekly during the course of a year. They are all based on the weekly readings from the Pentateuch in the Synagogue Sabbath service, with a few exceptions when the comments instead covered the Haftarah (Prophetic writings) for that particular Sabbath. Due to a number of requests from listeners, these messages were later published as a book in Hebrew under the title, Moses on the Witness Stand. This book was then translated into English under that same title in 1991. Readers will find here close knowledge of the biblical text, a disciplined mind, and a purity of heart that enshrines the blessed purity of Spirit. Here are the words of a giant who served the people of Israel and the King of the Jews.
Author Bio
Isaac Solomon Ostrovsky was born in 1902 in Tagancha, a town not far from Kiev in Ukraine. He grew up in a traditional Jewish family, but eventually he received a Russian New Testament and as he read, he realized, “This is not a Gentile book, this is ours!” Every Sabbath he went to the house of pastor Averbuch and took part in the Bible study together with other Jewish men. Gradually Solomon accepted Yeshua as the awaited Messiah and devoted his whole life to preaching the gospel to his people in England, Romania and Israel. He died at the age of 98, in Canada. God has blessed him very much and used him in the service for His people.