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Psychology and Logic

J. R. Kantor

722 pages
University of Akron Press
Two basic theses underlie this work. The first, the specificity theorem, signifies that logic is essentially concerned with specific events and not with universal and transcendent systems. The second, the interbehavioral theorem, implies that no matter how logic is defined, it entails a psychological dimension that must be taken into account.
Author Bio
Jacob Robert Kantor - (1888-1984) was a prominent systematic psychologist who organized scientific values into a coherent system of psychology. He enjoyed a long teaching career at a number of Universities including the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, New York University, the University of Maryland, but mainly at Indiana University. He is the author of a number of books on General Logic, Psychology, and the Logic of Science. He has also published numerous articles in scientific journals. Among his publications are: The Logic of Modern Science, Psychology and Logic, The Aim and Progress of Psychology and Other Sciences, Principles of Psychology, 2 vols., Psychological Linguistics, An Objective Psychology of Grammar, The Science of Psychology: an Interbehavioral Survey, Interbehavioral Psychology, The Scientific Evolution of Psychology, 2 vols., Tragedy and the Event Continuum, Cultural Psychology.