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Tragedy and the Event Continuum

J. R. Kantor

113 pages
University of Akron Press
Traditional scholarly attention to human tragedy has been confined mainly within the artificial world of drama and literature. It has neglected to recognize the significant recurrence of tragedy throughout the entire realm of nature. This book attempts to place tragedy within the larger context of natural events, and to view it against a background of scientific philosophy and psychology.
Author Bio
Jacob Robert Kantor (1888-1984) was a prominent systematic psychologist who organized scientific values into a coherent system of psychology. From the interbehavioral perspective, self-actional causes, whether fictional events (e.g., mentalism) or fictional powers attributed to otherwise actual events (brain as cause of behavior), are anathema to the science of psychology. He is the author of a number of books on general logic, psychology, and the logic of science. He has also published numerous articles in scientific journals. Among his publications are The Logic of Modern Science, Psychology and Logic, and The Aim and Progress of Psychology and Other Sciences.