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Professional Sexual Misconduct In Institutions

Causes and Consequences Prevention and Intervention

192 pages
Hogrefe Publishing Corporation
Essential reading about a notoriously difficult problem: how abusive professionals manipulate their clients and what we as organizations and individuals can do about it\n\nProfessional sexual misconduct (PSM) is a problem that is notoriously difficult to address and that can be a minefield for all concerned—for victims for the institutions where it takes place and also because outstanding and supposedly responsible members of society may be accused of abuse.\n\nHere Werner Tschan one of the world's leading experts on the prevention of PSM outlines an up-to-date approach to PSM and other professional disruptive behaviors. He describes practical ways to prevent PSM as well as effective treatments for victims and those accused. Using examples from real-life cases from around the world he also discusses how PSM is a societal problem and what we can do to stop it. Recent headline cases involving a variety of organizations—medical media church schools sport industry—show that institutions can be ideal environments for PSM and so great emphasis is placed in this volume on preventive measures that we can and must take at an institutional level.\n\nWith clear jargon-free writing this book is essential reading for all professionals interested in preventing and dealing with PSM as well as of interest to victims and their families as well.