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Standards and Quality in Education for Professional Psychologists

204 pages
Hogrefe Publishing Corporation
The only comprehensive professional handbook on EuroPsy the European standard and benchmark for education and training in psychology. This book is mandatory reading for anyone involved with accreditation education quality assurance and assessment of standards in psychology.\n\nEuroPsy has been accepted and adopted as the European standard for education and training in psychology by EFPA. This book written by its initiator and leading members of the working groups that set EuroPsy up is the only comprehensive handbook available about this European benchmark.\n\nIt first reviews the development of EuroPsy in the historical context of psychology as science and profession and policies for higher education set by international bodies and in particular the European Union.\n\nIt then goes on to address the curricula of university courses and programmes as laid down in the Bologna agreement as well as the flexibility allowed to reflect diversity in Europe licencing and accreditation and benchmarking as well as other prerequisites for meeting the EuroPsy standards. These include the use of a competency model to assure professional competence supervision continued professional development supervision and ethics. Finally the authors examine the current and future role of EuroPsy in psychology in Europe including practical examples of how EuroPsy has been applied in practice.