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Language Disorders In Children & Adolescents

Advances in Psychotherapy Series

120 pages
Hogrefe Publishing Corporation
As many as half of children and youth presenting for mental health services have language impairments often undiagnosed. This book offers a clear and comprehensive description of language impairment emerging in childhood and its implications for clinical practice with children and youth. Diagnostic criteria of the DSM\nIV are discussed; alternative definitions and the proposed changes in DSM V and their implications are reviewed. The varied ways the language impaired child with a comorbid disorder comes to the attention of clinicians are described. This book provides the reader with an easy to follow plan on how to conduct the assessment with the child and parents and the steps to take in initiating treatment—when to begin treatment focused on the language delays or alternatively when to focus on the comorbid conditions. The book is filled with many clinical pearls and examples of the way language impairment impacts on the child's symptom picture and influences treatment. Unique to this book are the recommended modifications to empirically validated treatments for language impaired children with comorbid anxiety or disruptive behavior disorders. Anyone who works with children and adolescents will benefit from this book.