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Walking Like Jesus

Studies in the Character of Christ

Larry McCall

154 pages
BMH Books
This challenging but easy-to-read handbook helps Christians better understand what it means to walk as Jesus did. McCall explains that mirroring the character of Jesus should be the normal pattern of life for a Christian. The author lays out 14 character traits of Jesus' life, and he explains how those traits can and should be reflected in the daily lives of Jesus' followers. Field-tested discussion questions make the book a “natural” for small-group use.
Author Bio
Larry McCall has been a pastor at Christ’s Covenant Church in Warsaw/Winona Lake, Ind. since 1981. He earned a bachelors’ degree in New Testament Greek (cum laude) and a master of divinity degree from Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary. In 1993, McCall received a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill. Preaching and teaching are his primary areas of giftedness and passion. Larry and his wife, Gladine, have three married children.