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Money and Dreams

Counting the Last Days of the Sigmund Freud Banknote

Rainer Ganahl

260 pages
Spring Publications
From August 2001 to February 2002, Ganahl created a series of drawings entitled THE LAST DAYS OF THE SIGMUND FREUD BANKNOTE. This series is in reference to the introduction of the Euro as the new Austrian currency and the discontinuance of the Austrian 50 Schilling banknote, which bears a portrait of Sigmund Freud. In consideration of Freud's importance for dream analysis, Ganahl recorded his dreams each morning until February 28, 2002, when the Schilling ceased to be a legal tender in Austria. Each drawing contains one 50 Schilling note, the dream and its associations, as well as the daily recorded value of the 50 Schilling banknote in different currencies and the number of books on sale at major online booksellers, Amazon.com and Buecher.de.