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Morning Song

Joanne Lehman

48 pages
The Kent State University Press
“Under and out from under the shadow of death Joanne Lehman writes ‘in the emptiness between one breath and the next.’ Her rural Ohio land-scape is animated with rough and mild weather, red wing blackbirds, hayfields, woodlands, and the sweet and sometimes too-tight lips and rhythms of sectarian life. These poems speak simply, and their mourning, memory, and healing are a balm for times when a little bit of quiet would do us all a world of good. This is a fine first book—as meditative, wise, and joyful as it is bound to local life on our turning earth.”—Julia Kasdorf
Author Bio
Joanne Lehman received her B.A. in communication arts from Malone College in Canton, Ohio, and has been a communication professional for the past fifteen years. She occasionally teaches writing at the Wayne Center for the Arts and Communication Skills at Malone College. Her poetry has been published in Artful Dodge, Farming Magazine, and Christian Living, and she is also author of Traces of Treasure: Quest for God in the Commonplace (1994). Lehman resides in Apple Creek, Ohio.