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People of God

The History of Catholic Christianity

Anthony E. Gilles

251 pages
Franciscan Media
The history of Catholicism is the history of Christian faith. Anthony E. Gilles traces its development?from its beginnings in hushed gatherings within the Roman Empire to its current size and influence?in an accessible and enjoyable style. A revised and updated compilation of the history volumes from his best-selling People of God series, this book will help you understand how the Church developed in relation to, or in rebellion against, the larger culture. It details centuries of crucial turning points from the development of apostolic succession to the implementation of the reforms of Vatican II. Complete with maps, timelines and special "focus" sections on important events and issues, this valuable resource belongs in the collection of every student of Church history.
Author Bio
ANTHONY E. GILLES lives with his wife in Atlanta, Georgia, where he regularly speaks at parishes and lectures in diaconate formation programs on Scripture and church history. He has taught history at Rutgers and the classics of Greek and Roman antiquity at the University of Tennessee. He has written eleven books and over five hundred articles on history, philosophy and religion.