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When Kids Ask Hard Questions Volume 2

More Faith-filled Responses for Tough Topics

Bromleigh McCleneghan Karen Ware Jackson

224 pages
Chalice Press
From the creators of When Kids Ask Hard Questions comes MORE questions – and thank goodness, responses! – on today’s tough topics. In an increasingly complex world, children deserve thoughtful responses informed by our progressive faith values. In this second volume for parents, teachers, and faith leaders, respected experts, pastors, and parents address more than two dozen tough topics, offering theological perspectives and suggestions for comforting and spiritually guiding children. Topics include: racism and white supremacy; vaping and illegal drugs; domestic abuse and family stigma; pornography and sexuality; mental illness and teen suicide; social media and isolation; and terminal illness and grief.
Author Bio
Bromleigh McCleneghan is the senior pastor at United Church of Gainesville, Florida, and mother of three children. Karen Ware-Jackson is the co-senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Greenville, North Carolina, and parents two children.