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With Signs Following

The Life and Ministry of Charles Harrison Mason

Raynard D. Smith

176 pages
Christian Board of Publication

Born to ex-slaves in Reconstruction-era Tennessee, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason had a vision for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) that thrives today in an international Pentecostal church with more than five million members. With Signs Following: The Life and Ministry of Charles Harrison Mason examines the social, cultural, and religious aspects of Bishop Mason's leadership and creative genius in establishing COGIC as a distinct Black Church tradition. With Signs Following shares four decades of research from leading scholars that addresses the sociological, theological, psychological, social-ethical, and historical perspectives of COGIC and Mason's ministry.

Christopher Brennan
Ithiel Clemmons
David D. Daniels III
Glenda Williams Goodson
Robert R. Owens
Craig Scandrett-Leatherman
Raynard D. Smith
Frederick L. Ware

Author Bio
Raynard D. Smith (Ph.D., Psychology and Religion, Drew University) is Associate Professor of Pastoral Care/Pastoral Theology at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, NJ. He is an ordained elder in the Church of God in Christ, the Coordinator of the COGIC Scholars Fellowship, editor of the COGIC Scholars newsletter, The Advocate, and a member of the COGIC Board of Education. He is the author of Come Sunday Morning: Black Churches as Healing Communities.