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Unsettling Lent

A Devotional

64 pages
Chalice Press
Unsettling Lent: Following Jesus to the Cross is not your ordinary Lenten devotional. That's a good thing, given the ways Lent's radical meaning has been diminished by our culture's false promotion of religious complacency. By connecting the biblical story to present-day realities, it invites Christians to make Lent a season of solidarity and justice-seeking. In contrast to devotionals emphasizing personal spirituality and interior transformations, Unsettling Lent emphasizes the public implications and communal aspects of self-denial, sacrificial love, and confrontations with power. Followers of Jesus are invited to journey to the cross in a more faithful way that promises to harness the power of this season for the renewal of ourselves, our churches, and our world.
Author Bio
Angela Parker is an assistant professor of New Testament and Greek at Mercer University's McAfee School of Theology. She is also an ordained missionary Baptist pastor.Brian Kaylor is a Baptist pastor with a Ph.D in Political Communication. He serves as President & Editor-in-Chief of Word&Way, a Christian publication founded in 1896.Beau Underwood is Vice President of External Affairs and a Senior Editor with Word&Way. An ordained pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), he is also pursuing a doctorate in Public Affairs.