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Traveling with Our Ancestors

An Advent Devotional

56 pages
Chalice Press
From the beloved author of Liberating Love: 365 Love Notes from God comes an inspiring Advent journey with our spiritual ancestors. In these daily devotions, Jha calls upon biblical guides – from Zechariah, to Elizabeth, to Mary –to offer wisdom and direction for the weeks leading up to Jesus’ birth. On Saturdays, Jha invites a contemporary “ancestor” such as Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, and Father Greg Boyle to help us reflect on how we can we can be better ancestors for those come after us. Each entry includes an Advent scripture, reflection, and prayer.
Author Bio
Sandhya Jha is an ordained minister, an anti-racism trainer, and the founder and director of the Bay Area’s Oakland Peace Center. Her most recent book is Liberating Love: 365 Love Notes from God.