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Rabbi. Radical. Redeemer. Risen Lord.

Sermons from the 2017 National Festival of Young Preachers

Dwight A. Moody

310 pages
Chalice Press
The public narrative about religion in America warns of loss and decline. But the young men and women voicing their convictions in this book tell a different story. They gathered in Lexington, Kentucky, in January of 2017 to preach at the National Festival of Young Preachers. This printed version of their words of hope and transformation is the eighth in this series bringing together the young and talented from all traditions of the Christian community. Read this volume of sermons. Collect all eight volumes. Stud?y? their words and vocation. Renew your hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Author Bio

Dwight A. Moody is a noted author, entrepreneur, preacher, and scholar. He is founder of the Academy of Preachers and, after serving as first president, is now chairman of the board of directors. Dr. Moody is also creator and host of The Meetinghouse: Conversation on Religion and American Life. Ike Moody is a popular freelance artist who has collaborated with his father on numerous books. A rendition of his original piece, "Redeemer of the World," graces the front cover of this volume.