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Leading in DisOrienting Times

Navigating Church and Organizational Change

Rev. Dr. Gary V. Nelson Peter Dickens

176 pages
Christian Board of Publication
Jack Mezirow, a leader in education theory, suggests that all transformative learning begins with a 'disorienting dilemma': an idea or experience that challenges or shifts fundamental values and assumptions. Gary Nelson and Peter Dickens, pastors and teachers with vast experience working with congregations and organizations, believe it is time for Christian leaders to be 'disoriented,' for the fundamental values and assumptions of Christian leadership to be reframed and broken down so they can see the leadership task in new ways. Blending current literature from both Christian and secular scholarship with individual and organizational examples, Leading in DisOrienting Times provides support for the concept of servant leadership that may be initially disorienting, but is ultimately liberating.
Author Bio

Gary Nelson currently serves as the president of Tyndale University College and Seminary. Prior to working at Tyndale, he served as the general secretary of the Canadian Baptist Ministries and CEO of the national and global work of Canadian Baptists for ten years.

Peter Dickens is the executive director of the Open Learning Centre and director of the Leadership Centre at Tyndale University College and Seminary. Holding a PhD in Leadership and Change, he worked in organization development, marketing, and leadership for several Canadian organizations