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I Heart Sex Workers

A Christian Response to People in the Sex Trade

Lia Claire Scholl

174 pages
Chalice Press

Paying for sex - engaging in "the oldest profession" — is everywhere, even in your church. The factors leading individuals into sex work are as varied as hair colors, yet sex workers are viewed as powerless individuals who must be rescued.

I Heart Sex Workers offers another perspective, one where the characters defy stereotypes and solutions are hard to find. Author Lia Scholl firmly believes the Christian response to sex work should be one of building agency for women, through education, through fighting injustice, by listening to the voices of sex workers.

I Heart Sex Workers examines the forces leading individuals into prostitution, whether through coercion, choice, or circumstance. And it provides a Christian response, answering the question, "Are you my neighbor?" How do we respond to woman trading sex for a place to live tonight when she asks, "Where will I sleep?" This book discusses these issues and many more.

Author Bio

Lia Claire Scholl is a minister who is committed to social justice and inclusivity. Originally from
Alabama, she earned her M.Div. from Beeson Divinity School at Samford University and is the pastor of the Richmond Mennonite Fellowship in Richmond, Virginia. Lia is at her best in non-traditional ministry, caring for marginalized people. And one day, she hopes to be like Jesus. You can find her online at www.LiaScholl.com.