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Go to Jerusalem

A Lenten Devotional

Mary Alice Mulligan

56 pages
Chalice Press
Lent calls us to undertake a journey, a step-by-step process in which our view of the world shifts almost imperceptibly – until we look around and realize how far we’ve come. Pastor and scholar Mary Alice Mulligan leads us through Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, examining the scriptures in which Jesus calls on his Disciples to leave everything and follow him, is baptized and announcements his ministry, predicts his own death, clears the temple and pledges to rebuild it in three days, and proclaims God’s love for all. During Holy Week, Mulligan takes us through the events of that long-ago week with fresh eyes, new ways to understand an old story. Entries begin with the darkness of Ash Wednesday and voyage through the glory of Easter morning. These concise entries include scripture, reflections, suggested spiritual practices, and a prayer. Entries are undated, making this a perennial resource.
Author Bio
Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Mary Alice Mulligan has served congregations in five states as well as serving as a professor of Homiletics and Ethics at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis.