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You are Changing the World

Whether You Like it or Not

264 pages
Chalice Press
In You are Changing the World Whether You Like It or Not, David LaMotte challenges some deeply held, though seldom examined, ideas we have about how large societal changes happen and what our own roles in those changes can and should be. Drawing on stories from his own work and interviews with others in Guatemala, India, South Africa, Australia, Palestine, the United States, and Bosnia, LaMotte methodically challenges narratives that keep us immobile in the face of problems that confront communities, nations, and a world. You are Changing the World is challenging, encouraging and inspiring. In an accessible, story-based style, LaMotte looks at questions of daily vocation, helping us to discern both our potential to have an impact and how we go about getting started. Anyone who wants to live a life that matters will find something of value here.
Author Bio
David LaMotte is an award-winning songwriter, speaker and writer. He has performed over 3000 concerts and released twelve full-length CDs touring in all of the fifty states, as well as five of the seven continents. David has published three books, including two illustrated children’s books. David makes his home in Black Mountain, North Carolina, with his wife Deanna and son Mason.