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Waking Up to Who We Could Be

Melvin Bray

208 pages
Chalice Press

What if we could actually change the world by telling better stories? What if the world we have-with its racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, religious hatred, ecological disregard-is exactly the world we have spun into existence through the stories we have told?

In his new book, Melvin Bray insists that a better world is possible if the stories around which we organize our lives begin to match the beauty we imagine is possible. Bray puts forth his own daring yet faithful reimaginings of classic faith stories that inspire more beautiful, more just, more virtue-filled ways of being in the world.

Better offers a spiritual path on which people-for whom life has called into question many of their assumptions about God and the world-can continue to hold onto their faith, while joining others of goodwill in seeking sustainable, cooperative, and courageous answers to the seemingly intractable problems of our time.

Author Bio
Melvin Bray is an Emmy® award-winning storyteller, writer, educator and social entrepreneur embedded with his wife and three kids in the West End neighborhood of Southwest Atlanta. He is an active member of several vanguard networks working to cultivate more sustainable approaches to faith and civic engagement. He is a contributing author and editor for multiple periodicals and has been previously published as part of the compilation The Audacity of Faith (Judson Press, 2009). Melvin is co-editor/co-producer of Faith Forward (Wood Lake Publishing, 2012, 2013), companion media to the Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity 2012 event.