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Are You Still Watching?

Using Pop Culture to Tune In, Find God, & Get Renewed for Another Season

144 pages
Chalice Press
Pop culture does more than entertain us. At its best, it is a mirror— maybe sometimes a distorted funhouse mirror— reflecting back to us beauty, absurdity, and profound truth of what it means to be human. These musicians, actors, writers, and producers often sit in the prophet’s chair and offer us modern parables with deeper meanings waiting for those with ears to hear. When we watch and listen through a spiritual lens, their stories challenge our beliefs, help us understand our faith, and encourage us to find ways to change how we treat others and the world we share. Are You Still Watching?: Using Pop Culture to Tune In, Find God and Get Renewed for Another Season highlights different entertainment vehicles like television shows, movies, music, and podcasts that showcase the best in humanity or demonstrate ways we can grow in our faith.
Author Bio
Stephanie Kendell is the co-founder of the Two On One Project, a pop culture podcast that invites guests and listeners to consider the intersections of pop culture and theology. She is also an ordained pastor serving in New York City. Her first career was in theatrical marketing producing movie trailers and working in voice over. She loves curiosity, is a proud Auntie, and has a complicated relationship with the Apostle Paul. The Rev. Arthur Stewart (he/him) is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a Bethany Ecumenical Fellow alumnus, and co-host of The Two On One Project. Arthur enjoys baking pies, improvisational storytelling, and deconstructing spy movies. In a previous life, he was a jazz musician and professional comedian. He and his husband Brian live in Wichita, Kansas with their daughter, Kenzie.