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Heart and Science of Teaching

Transformative Applications That Integrate Academic and Social–Emotional Learning

C. Bobbi Hansen

Teachers College Press
The Heart and Science of Teaching shows readers why and how to connect essential social–emotional factors and critical cognitive aspects of learning for all students. Incorporating the latest research demonstrating that students really cannot learn well without social–emotional connections within their learning communities, the book depicts classroom applications that link academic content and SEL with examples at all grade levels and all subject areas. Each chapter addresses current and emerging research around a particular component and shows how to make it work in real classrooms. Sections ground teachers in three interlocking aspects of instruction: The Heart of Teaching: Social–Emotional Learning (SEL); The Science of Teaching: Evidence-Based Instructional Practices; and 21st-Century Classroom Applications: Project-Based Learning and Digital Technologies. Blending the latest research in education, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology, this text is a practical resource that will assist K–12 teachers in creating an emotionally supportive classroom environment that makes a positive difference in student learning. Book Features: Explores the transformative power of SEL on student learning and well-being. Highlights the critical importance of the teacher-student relationship in the classroom. Illustrates how teacher feedback can assist students in developing a growth mindset. Brings voices of real teachers in each chapter who share their application of the chapter’s ideas, and their positive results with their students. Lists targeted book, website, and video resources in each chapter with more examples and information to support teachers’ implementation. Examines the implications of current research in neuroscience for classroom teaching. Describes evidence-based models of teaching and how they positively affect student engagement and learning. Shows how to support project-based and other student-led learning while connecting to standards. Describes how to use blogs, podcasts, and an array of web tools to promote engaged learning.
Author Bio
C. Bobbi Hansen is associate professor in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego.