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On the Case

Approaches to Language and Literacy Research (an NCRLL Volume)

Anne Haas Dyson Celia Genishi

Teachers College Press
In this seminal book on the construction of case studies in the field of language and literacy, the authors consider in detail what it means to be “on the case.” They evaluate the basic assumptions that ground a qualitative approach to case study methodology, the decisions entailed in designing a case study, and the possibilities and challenges of data collection and analysis. For the novice researcher, this book is an essential manual on how to design and carry out a case study. For the experienced researcher, this book offers fresh insights into the theoretical issues that underpin qualitative case study research. Features: Examples from the authors’ research with young children and their teachers, demonstrating how any school and any classroom can present a plethora of potential “cases.” Attention to the subtleties of procedure that are seldom discussed in research reports, including interactions with children in classrooms and other relational complexities. An annotated list of suggestions for further reading.
Author Bio
Anne Haas Dyson is a professor of education at Michigan State University. Celia Genishi is a professor of education at Teachers College, Columbia University.