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Strategic Design for Student Achievement

Michael S. Moody Jason M. Stricker

Teachers College Press
Content standards have become the central focus of instruction in almost every classroom across the country. This timely book addresses the critical need for a process of instructional design that allows K–12 teachers to maintain their creativity within the increasing pressures of external accountability. Providing practical tools, the “Strategic Design” process empowers teachers to examine state content standards, design effective classroom assessments, and deliver engaging instructional strategies. Drawing on the work of Wiggins and McTighe, this book offers a fresh perspective on the backward design process by expanding on their theories of instructional design, as well as those of Richard Stiggins. Grounded in actual classroom practice, this user-friendly book: Presents a field-tested approach to standards-based instruction that is widely respected by the teachers who have used it. Supports high-quality and engaging classroom instruction that is founded upon a comprehensive understanding of content standards. Explains a clear process for designing and delivering instruction in a way that invests both teachers and students. Draws on current research and theories of instruction, as well as the authors’ extensive professional development experience with classroom teachers.
Author Bio
Michael S. Moody is the President/CEO of Insight Education Group, Inc. Jason M. Stricker is a founder of Insight Education Group, Inc.